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Principles Wiki

The Idea

The purpose of this wiki is to collect software development principles. Just like common solution schemes to recurring problems are documented using patterns, common assessment rules telling good solutions from bad ones can be described using principles. So principles are another form of experience reuse. There are dozens and maybe hundreds of such principles, some of which are described, examined, discussed, and interconnected in this wiki.

The following pages describe the idea in more detail:


Principle Collections and Principle Languages

Several related principles are grouped into principle collections some of which form principle languages:


Each principle belongs to one or more contexts:

About the Wiki itself

This wiki uses the DokuWiki software. For information on how the wiki markup (some variation of markdown) works, see the syntax page. The wish list lists principles that have not been described yet in this wiki.

Some terms shall be used consistently throughout the wiki. The glossary lists and defines them:Principle, principle language, module, ...

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