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May I Contribute?

Contributions are welcome. This is an open wiki and anyone may contribute and is encouraged to do so. If you want to, you can register but even that is not required. Keep in mind that edit rights are bound to certain namespaces (principles, patterns, anti-patterns, talk, …). The root namespace is not editable but almost every other one is.

How Can I Contribute?

There are several possibilities:

  • Improve existing wiki pages: add explanations, examples, references, etc.
  • Add new principle descriptions (especially have a look at the Wish List)
  • Although this wiki currently has a focus on principles, you may also add descriptions on patterns, anti-patterns, refactorings, glossary terms, etc.
  • Improvements don't have to be large. Fixing a typo or adding an item to the wish list is also a valuable contribution.
  • … and if you have any other idea how you can contribute, feel free to ask or make any suggestions

What Do I Have to Keep in Mind?

  1. Obey copyright. Don't copy other people's stuff but contribute your own.
  2. By contributing to this wiki, you agree to license your content under the following license: CC Attribution 3.0 Unported.
  3. Stick to the template. Do not delete, add, or move sections. The template is meant to make all the wiki pages uniform such that they are easy to read and certain pieces of information can be looked up quickly. If you are tempted to change the sections, either all the wiki pages should be changed that way (in such a case you may suggest changing the template) or what you want to describe does not really belong to the namespace (i.e. is not a principle, pattern, anti-pattern, etc. in the sense discussed here).


Discuss this wiki article and the topic on the corresponding talk page.

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