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 ([[about:|more...]]) ([[about:|more...]])
 +===== Principles and Design Types =====
 +[[|{{:design-types.png?nolink&100 |}}]]
 +The validity a a certain principles is rarely disputed. But that different developers put different weight on them. Almost no-one would claim that [[principles:Keep It Simple Stupid|KISS]] is not a valid principle. But there are ones who think [[principles:Generalization Principle|GP]] is more important. 
 +It turns out that developers can be characterized by which principles they favor when making design decisions. Understanding these different attitudes helps in communicating about design.
 +[[|]] describes a system of 16 design types characterizing developers in the aforementioned way. Each design type links back here to those principles each type favors or disregards. There is a questionnaire for testing yourself, a questionnaire for assessing colleagues and some statistics about those who already took part.
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